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About Poppy Sloane

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Who We Are

We are a small entrepreneurial British company developing our own formulations in order to bring new, innovative products to market. 

We have voluntarily committed to no animal testing at every stage of product development and manufacturing and do not sell our products in markets where testing on animals is required. We only purchase raw materials for our own brand from UK manufacturers which means we can ensure that all our products are 100% British and are of the highest quality. 

Our latest mascara formula was designed and made entirely in the UK. This means we know exactly what goes into it and can assure you that there is absolutely no animal testing performed. 

Luxury Products

Our passion for real beauty means that we’re always searching for the most innovative products. We are constantly scouring the globe for the latest beauty break throughs that you’ll love to use.

We are a British based company with a strong devotion to promoting our home grown brands.

Luxury Experience

At Poppy Sloane we strongly believe that our customers are our greatest assets. That’s why we vow to deliver the highest level of customer care and reward your loyalty every time you shop with us.

We aim to give you a luxury shopping experience.


There’s always something new to learn in the beauty world and our experts regularly attend training sessions and professional beauty events.

Our Story

Poppy Sloane aims to help enhance beauty naturally from the outside. We have developed an advanced and sophisticated solution to mascara which we believe will underpin most makeup bags.

Here is how our story goes…

  • Jun 2014

    Product Concept

    Poppy Sloane smudge proof mascara first conceived. We wanted to design the best waterproof mascara that didn’t smudge, smear or flake. We wanted to design the best smudge proof mascara on the market – period. Watch our short video which explains…

  • Sep 2014

    Product Development

    Poppy Sloane non smudge mascara was being developed. Undergoing stability and user testing to ensure that it had the qualities we were looking for. No testing was conducted on animals and all ingredients are responsibly sourced from the UK and are vegan friendly.

  • Sept 2015

    Poppy Sloane Très Chic smudge proof mascara launched

    After extensive testing our first tubing mascara, Très Chic, a smudge proof mascara is launched. We think it’s the best waterproof mascara money can buy. It’s a non smudge mascara that is also smear proof, flake proof and waterproof. It is ultra long lasting yet easily and quickly removed just with water and slight pressure from your fingertips, a washcloth, or the shower. Mascara “tubes” disintegrate or slide off lashes once the bond has been broken; no need for makeup remover or rubbing under-eye area to remove mascara residue, because there won’t be any! No more panda eyes!

  • Oct 2018

    New Volumising Formulation In Development

    We’re currently developing a new improved version of Tres Chic which is volumising whilst retaining all of the original smudge proof and waterproof qualities of the original. This new formulation is also cruelty free as before, but is completely vegan too!

  • Jan 2019

    Poppy Sloane Très Chic smudge proof volumising mascara launched

    Poppy Sloane Très Chic smudge proof volumising mascara launched

    After months of reformulation and development we are pleased to announce the launch of our reformulated Tres Chic mascara. It’s now volumising as well as completely vegan, but retains all of the amazing qualities of the original – smudge proof, waterproof and ultra long-lasting.