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Très Chic Mascara How To

How to apply:

You apply Poppy Sloane mascaras just like a regular mascara. 

It takes about 2 minutes to set fully and begin forming the tiny ‘tubes’ around your lashes. Until fully set it may smudge, but once fully set it is 100% smudge proof and waterproof.

Once fully set you can no longer add further coats and build.

DO NOT use conditioners, lotions etc….before applying the mascara, as Poppy Sloane mascara requires a dry, clean surface in order to adhere properly to your lashes.

DO NOT let it set fully before applying additional coats in order to build more volume. Keep adding coats until you are satisfied with the volume, length and degree of lash separation before the mascara fully sets.

How to remove:

Only when you are ready! Our mascaras can be easily removed with a combination of warm water and gentle pressure. Pressure alone is not enough, and water alone is not enough. It MUST be a combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure – for example, taking a shower.

Tubing Mascara - Instruction picture #1
Tubing Mascara - Instruction picture #2
Tubing Mascara - Instruction picture #3